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Past Events/Fundraising

Christmas Tree Festival - 22-25 November 2018

Well, it came, it went, and it was a resounding success, by whatever yardstick you measure it. Our first attempt at a Christmas Tree Festival may have been slightly faltering at times, and we certainly learnt a lot, but we still cannot believe how successful it was, in no small part due to the efforts of Betty Stewart and her trusty band of helpers (or was that conscripts?) Either way, everyone who helped, and also all those who attended, enjoyed it, some of the visitors coming back for a second time (and maybe more) and bringing their friends and family with them.

So a big thank you to all who made it a success, whether that was by decorating trees or the church buildings, moving things from A to B, serving teas/coffees and other delightful refreshments, or just greeting people as they arrived, and showng them where to go. It was a great experience, we raised (for the record) about £6500 for our Building Fund, and we think that everyone went home happy.

Carrick Methodist Christmas Tree Festival

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